What It Means to Be Australian Essay

What It Means to Be Australian Essay.

Personally, being an Australian to me means celebrating freedom and the diverse number of people. Being Australian means having to explore and experience the blue beaches, hot summer days, cold winter nights and the footy seasons. Australia means wearing shirts, shorts and thongs. Having family gatherings and barbecues, having the opportunity to vote which makes us a democratic country. The thing about Australia is you don’t have to be born an Aussie to consider yourself an Australian; Australia is full of different nationalities.

To me being an Australian is being friendly and tolerating all the people around you. In Australia playing sports is a major part. Australia is full of footy fans and takes it as a big part of their lives. I see Australians are really competitive when it comes to sports, especially AFL.

Australians are really hard working people and love to accomplish things to the best of their ability or in the best way possible. Nothing is more Australian than the crystal clear blue beaches, big open land and the unique style of nature.

One thing Australians love to do is to be outdoors and soak up the vibrant summer sun. Australia has diverse outdoor landscapes and a unique style of nature and animals that we should be proud of. Australians are friendly type of people, easy to get along with. We care for and support the less fortunate people. We like to help one another in all sorts of ways. We like to try and be mates with any type of religion and nationality.

Regardless what your background is you will be known as an Australian. Australians tolerate and accept people for who they are. This is what makes Australia a friendly environment to live in. Overall, Australians should feel lucky in the country we live in today. We have freedom that we should enjoy; we have the chance to speak what’s on our minds. We have the right to vote in elections. These are just some of the many things about being an Australian and we should never forget the country we live in, and most importantly we should always be proud and appreciate the way we live.

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What It Means to Be Australian Essay

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