Why Did the Slave Trade Come to an End? Essay

In this essay I am going to write about “why the slave trade came to an end?” The Atlantic slave trade developed in the 16th century. By the 18th and 19th centuries, the public had come to hate the trade and called for its abolition. Because in the northern state of America thought that it was wrong for the black people to be their slave so the northern state and the southern state had a war and the northern state had won the war which was known as the Civil War in order for the slavery to end.

This was the American civil war. This resulted in the setting free of all slaves in the southern states. Also the government of England in that time where slave owners therefore reluctant to give up there slaves.

The slave trade itself ended in 1807 in British lands and in 1808 in the US ( it’s in the Constitution); the US and Royal Navies spent much of the next 60 years chasing the slaves and headed to Spanish colonies.

A man called William Wilberforce who was a British politician abolished the slave trade. William Wilberforce strongly campaigned against slave trading. Due to his effort, the British parliament passed a law called the Anti-Slave Trade Act on 25th, March 1807.

By this act slave trading was made illegal in both Britain and the entire British Empire. However, slave trade continued in other areas. Determined to end slave trade, Britain negotiated for an agreement with Portugal, Spain and France. After this act people were feeling guilty for what they have done and realised that it was not fair. When the slave trade came to an end in the South of America many people were still racist to black people and still didn’t give them as many rights as the white people had. In the South of US nearly everything was separated between coloured and white people.

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