Art is long, life is short Essay

Art is long, life is short Essay.

For centuries people have felt enormous need to leave their trace in the world’s history. Some of them followed the line of least resistance – destruction, on the contrary of those who created things, art. I would like to tackle the problem of art and human life. To start with I feel like giving the definition to the notion “art”. I think it is quite true that art is the way of self-expression, the external manifestation of an internal state. It’s very hard for me to tell when the art starts, whether at the moment the idea appears, or at the time of the first physical effort to do it.

What you need is to feel it. Furthermore, art never stops its existence. Tajmahal, works of Leonardo and Bach are going on living and influencing their creators’ descendants. Why does it happen? From my point of view, feelings which are born under ‘pressure’ of pieces of art are important in developing the system of world outlook and values.

This is why art may be called eternal. Human lives, on the contrary, are too short comparing to the works of art. Moreover, one life is definitely not enough to cognize philosophy of life and art in all it manifestations.

The only chance for human beings not to sink in the depths of history is to become a creator, creator of art, so that to live in his own works. For example, contemporary society knows little about Homer, his way of life; however, his immortal “Odyssey” is still lauding to the skies its author, making him alive after death. Thinking over the above mentioned I may conclude that art is a reflection of inner world and special unique vision of outside world, which is going on living even after its author’s death.

Art is long, life is short Essay

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