BEC Case Essay

BEC Case Essay.

1.In this questions associated with the BEC case at the end of Chapter 9, you were asked to modify the entity-relationships diagram drawn by the Stillwater student team to include any other entities and entities and attributes you identified form the BEC cases. Review your answers to these questions and modify the relations in BEC figure 10-2. To include your changes? 2.Study your answer to Question 1. Verify that the relations you say represent the MyBroadway database are in third normal form. If they are not, change them so that they are? 3.

The E-R diagram you developed in questions in the BEC case at the end of Chapter 9 should have shown minimum cardinalities on both ends of each relationship. Are minimum cardinalities represented in some way in the relations in your answer question 2?

If not, how are minimum cardinalities enforced in the database? 4.You have probably noticed that the Stillwater students chose to include a time stamp field as part of the primary key for all of the relations except PRODUCT.

Explain why you think they decided to include this field in each relation and why it is part of the primary key. Are there other alternatives to a time stamp field for creating primary key of these relations? 5.This BEC case indicated the all data types chosen for only a few of the fields of the database. Using your answer to Question 2. Select data types and lengths for each attributes of each relation. Use the data types and formats supported by Microsoft Access. What data type should be used for the non-intelligent primary keys? Do you agree with the use of memo for description and Member Comment attributes?

6.This BEC case also mentioned that the students will consider if any fields should be coded. Are any fields’ good candidates for coding? If so, suggest a coding scheme for each coding candidate field. How would you implement field coding in Microsoft Access? 7.Complete all tab le and field definition for the MyBroadway database using Microsoft Access besides the decision you have made in answers to the other case questions, fill in all the field definition parameters for each field of each table? 8.The one decision for a relational database that usually influences efficiency the most is index definition besides the primary key indexes the students have chosen, what other secondary key indexes do you recommend for this database? Justify your selection of each secondary key index?

BEC Case Essay

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