Case Study Zumo Essay

Case Study Zumo Essay.

You will notice during your reading that some of your recommendations offered during the debriefing oh our oral presentation have not been met, including the change of our logo. This reflects in any way an act of negligence or a lack of rigour. Indeed, we are convinced by some of our ideas, so we prefer to develop you them so that you join there rather than suppress.

Hope you like it, enjoy your reading.


Laurie and Emilie.

Zumospa would like to make Zumo a global brand; the company needs to reposition Zumo for the international market.

Zumospa would like to launch a global campaign focussing first on South America, Mexico, The Southern states of the US and Japan, where they have regional offices.

Zumospa is a food and drink company based in Valencia, in Spain. Zumo is the best-selling sports drink in Spain. In the last financial year, Zumo contributed €30 million to Zumospa’s annual sales revenue, accounting for 20% of the company’s total turnover, and 4,5 million in profits.

It is Zumospa’s cash cow, generating more revenue than any other of its products. The drink contains vitamin and a secret ingredient: “herbora”, made from roots of rare African plants. Scientific studies results about its formula and proved that the body absorbs Zumo faster than water or other soft drink. Zumo offers four flavours: classic, light, kiwi and strawberry.

Zumo is now sold all over Europe. It has a large channel of distribution: the drink is distributed mainly through grocery stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets, also through sports clubs. Sales generated through contracts with professional leagues, such as football, golf and tennis associations. Press, TV and radio advertising is backed up by endorsement contracts with famous European footballers and tennis stars. Which is a pity; it’s that this drink is sold only in Europe. Such a success deserves to be applied internationally.

The sports drink market is the most rapidly growing segment of the world beverage market. The market is very competitive, with major companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola another fighting for market share. We can expect an Entry Barriers from the existing market on each country.

Product strategy: Zumo’s new face

Even though Zumospa has been going well in Spain, if we go and run a business with the same brand name “Zumo” and similar image to the USA, Mexico, South America, and Japan, it would be possible to make the countries rouse antipathy. The reserve for the foreign products is increasing. Initial research suggests that Zumo is perceived, as a Spanish drink, and its close identification with Spain may not be suitable when developing a global brand. We will discard old perspectives towards the markets, especially when we expand our services or products to international market, which have different cultural foundations.

An energizing drink is a drink that gives a renewal of energy to the consumer, not to confuse with an energy drink dedicated to the hydration of the sportsmen. In most case, an energizing drink contains a concentration rather high of caffeine and sugar then, according to the specific receipt of each product, of the extracts of plants like the guarana or the ginseng and various molecules like the bull-fighting one, of the vitamins B, the arginine, creatin, etc.… As we know, Zumo just contain vitamin and African plants, and scientific have recognized the energy inputs of natural products used. We believe it’s important to emphasize this point, which represents a competitive advantage of the products to its competitors. That’s why we propose several solutions to refresh Zumo, and highlight the brand’s values. In addition, for a brand to be global, its logo, name and slogan must be recognized and perceived like a familiar for all people. We invented a new name, logo, slogan and packaging for the drink, in order to anchor a positive image of the brand in the minds of consumers.

Talking about consumers…

Zumo is positioned as an energy product for fitness conscious people, especially sportsmen and women between the age of 20 and 35, and even the older athletes. We succeeded in Spain with this target market and we will continue to maintain it in international market. The scope of the drink matches these consumers. Athletes support the values of the beverage, recognize its qualities. They represent our main target. But our customers can extend far beyond sportsmen. Indeed, people are concerned more and more about health, and pay attention to the ingredients contained in what they eat and what they drink. We can expect to receive more in addition to consumers through the properties of the drink.

In order to stretch our consumer panel, the drink will be offered in different version, like in Spain, where the drink is proposed with kiwi and strawberry. A version of the drink sugar-depleted will be deployed in each country. With regard to the different fragrance (cherry, mint, etc.) depending on the country concerned by this development. But before that, it’s necessary to perform a complete redesign of the brand, to give an image more correlated with the drink’s values.

A new name, for a new fame

The name Zumospa is focused as a Spain brand, to Spanish language. It’s clearly a household name. It’s necessary to reinvent it, for a more international name. This name must be euphonic, easy to pronounce and memorize. Zumospa is a Spanish product; it means the fruit juice in Spanish. 
In Spain, this product is much known, but not in the other countries because it is only sold in Spain. 
We so had to find a new name, so that he must be significant for all that is why we chose the English language, it is going to give a modern and young tone. And especially all the consumers and the future consumers will understand it NED

Natural Energy Dring
Natural Energy Dring

The new name has to express the benefits of the product, that it represents the drink, a powerful, energetic name and especially that it shows highly rated natural of this energy drink. We had found several names as for example: Strong Jet, Big Torrent, NED or TORERO. Having hesitated a lot, we selected NED (the Natural Energy drink), it is very simple because it is the definition of the product but it is particularly easy to pronounce for the most part of country, it is short and precise. It is also necessary to respect the administrative formalities; we shall thus have to register the name of our product to protect it from any copy, to WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organization

A little makeover

It exists on the market of the drink big competitors as Pepsi, Coca Cola but especially on the market of energy drinks as Red Bull. In order to compete against big competitors like Pepsi and Coke, especially Red Bull, and reshape the image of the drink, we think we should redesign the logo. The current image is too simple, too Spanish and cannot create strong impressions in foreign customers.

Pepsi and Coke have been known as calorie products while nowadays more and more people are paying attention to healthy product. So we will focus on marketing that Zumo is energy drink with low gas, glucose and with natural ingredients. That’s why, in the logo, we have combined the Hulk’s arm with a small daisy. We wanted to show it in the logo so that the customers realize of highly rated natural of the product

To represent the energy values of the drink that brings strength and force, we used the Hulk arm that represents, in our opinion, an icon of physical force. To show that this strength comes from the earth, we combined with this image of a small daisy, reminding the natural aspect of the drink. The particularity of this logo is the contrast between the powerful arm and the delicate flower, held in his hand. In addition, the colours are sparkling and strongly recall the ecological context (green, yellow, white). The specificity of the image will allow that it’s permanently implanted in the mind of the consumer.

After the logo, we have decided to occupy us of the slogan. We thus needed a small sentence, which represents the logo but especially the product. As we used Hulk as image of Zumo, we decided to stay in this spirit of great powerful, but natural strength. Having thought a lot we have chooses ” Great Get the Natural Strength “. Obtain the strength by drinking our drink, a strength nature but very powerful. We thus used play on words to insist well on the natural fact of the supernatural product and the strength of Hulk.

And a suitable outfit

Our main target being athletes, as well as all active people, we decided to adapt the new packaging for their needs. In addition, it breaks the image of the current energy drink, full of chemicals. Indeed, all competing drinks, except one, offer their beverage in cans.

That’s why we will propose a new contain: plastic bottles. Available in different format, from 25cl to 50cl, these contain enables easier transport of the drink. Whether in a gym bag or a handbag, an open can can no longer store while the bottle is reformed indefinitely. The bottles will have a stopper teat, making usage more convenient and less risky for active people moving constantly.

The bottles will be made with a green plastic. It can be recycled and reused to reduce the impact of waste on the environment. Indeed, it’s impossible for a company promoting ecologic values to neglect the growing concern of consumers for ecology.


We should reshape specific identity and directional characteristics of Zumo as a sports beverage. Choose gorgeous designs and intense colours to lay an emphasis on the image of the silver generation who care about their style and intend to the luxurious life style.

The price will be about 2£ because we have made decision that our targeted customers is ready to pay for a high quality product. They could be willing to pay for the product, even it could be expensive. Moreover we made a decision to the price, which is higher than other competitor’s products to posit high quality to consumers.

What else?

We can expect a real success for the introduction of the drink worldwide. We will have to monitor the results of the campaign and the strategies put un place. Subsequently, other operations will need to be considered to maintain the reputation and the dynamism of the brand. E already thought of some actions.

For example, it would be interesting to create versions derived from NED: a line of bottle for girls, a light version, as well as other flavours (strawberry, peach, etc.). Proposed perfumes will vary depending on the country in witch the drink is sold. Each of them may have different preferences in terms of taste, so it will be necessary to adapt to their habits.

Communication strategy

We can lead international marketing campaign as a successful case by selecting specific target layers and using effective promotion routes.


Firstly, advertising is known as the first step to introduce our product to foreign market We use one method: Innovative advertising, marketing around the world. We are planned to do promotion by teaser ad, outdoor billboards, and sampling party. Our creative team knew create us some very interesting sketches. We could do teaser ad, which are easy to see around us as a promotion method to attract customer’s interests and attention. The location to publicize will be a rush place.

Our views will be present in many places: Using outdoor billboards, especially at bus stops, buildings, fitness centres, and on the newspaper, magazines and so on.

Hors media

The world is waiting for London 2012 Olympic and I think this will be a good opportunity to advertise our products by sponsoring. Olympic always attracts everybody all over the world. If we sponsor Olympic, our product will appear frequently and it will create strong impression in foreign customers. When athletes use our products, our prestige will be consolidated and many people will want to try our products.

We going to take advantage the Olympics games for doing the global launched of the new brand, new product line and new image (logo), supports of advertising in media. We are supposed to hold a sampling party. For example, we are scheduled to a sampling party at the fitness centre, which is a lot of members, since we could expect to get people to attract. Also, it could be a good way to inform the new brand.

Apply to be official sponsor at next Olympic Games. It’s a great chance for us to publicize our new brand. Olympic Games are the biggest sports event that sportsmen and women all around the world look forward to. We could contract an ad with famous footballers, tennis players, and athletes.

Case Study Zumo Essay