Does Electricity Move Better Through Thick Wires or Thin Ones Essay

My research is to determine if electricity moves better through thick wires or through thin wires. For this experiment I used two size D batteries, two flashlight bulbs, one 6.5 inch thin steel wool piece, one 6.5 inch thick steel wool piece, two 2 inch pieces of straw, and some electrical tape. Steel wool is a material made from thin fibers of steel made into a pad. ( There are many uses for steel wool. It can be used for sanding furniture, removing paint finishes; it can be used as a scouring pad for pots and pans and as rodent control.

( the-different-uses-for-steel-wool.htm)

For this experiment it was used as a conductor of electricity. (

The batteries were used to provide power for the light bulbs. The steel wool pieces were used for transferring the electricity used to power the light bulbs. Each of the steel wool pieces were taped to the negative side of the batteries.

The other ends of the steel wool wires were taped to the base of the light bulbs. The light bulbs were then lit by placing the bulbs on the positive side of the batteries. I did this experiment five times for each steel wool piece. I set a timer for one minute and turned the light off in my room to see which light bulb would be brighter. After the first minute was over the light bulb with the thin wire was brighter than the light bulb with the thick wire.

During the second minute the light bulb with the thick wire ended up being brighter. In the third minute the bulb with the thin wire was brighter than before. The light shining from bulb with the thick wires stayed the same. After the fourth minute was over the bulb with the thin wires became dull. The bulb with the thick wires did not change. Lastly after the fifth minute both bulbs stayed the same. After comparing this data I think that electricity works better through thick wires. The measurement of how difficult electrical current travels through material is called electrical resistance. (

The electrical current did not move faster through the steel wool pads because both bulbs came on at the same time. The thinner wire had more resistance and less electric current going through it. ( Based on the results of my experiment I conclude that the use of thicker wires only helps produce a stronger electrical current.

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