History and Work of Ikko Tanaka Essay

History and Work of Ikko Tanaka Essay.

Looking over the work of Henryk Tomaszawski I found his work to be uniquely his own in the way that each design is composed. I also felt he’s done a fine job in expressing his culture throughout his work. I’d have to compare his art form and technique to Japanese graphic designer Shigeo Fukudo. In comparing their poster works they both display their own unique style but the form, colors, and in some posters ideas are much alike. In both artists work you see their individual cultures expressed.

In Tomaszawski work there’s a constant use of rich colors of purples, yellow, reds, and greens. He also uses black to emphasize his designs. Like bold lettering in heavy stroke lines. His use of these heavy stokes resembles to Japanese calligraphy. Many of his posters are very impacting but in an animated and lively way that pulls the viewer in. His work presents much softer and curvier stroke than that of Fuduka, but much of their elements are similar.

The feeling is quite the same with Shigeo Fukuda.

He’s also expresses his culture throughout his work. In his more recent work there’s a modern Japanese feel to it. Much of his work displays the vivid red color like that from Japan’s flag. He also fuses heavy strokes of black into most of his work. In some of his older works you see these heavy yet softer strokes but recent work shows harder more uniformed lines. Fukuda’s work is very simplistic with an animated twist. Throughout his work you see a constant use of bright colors. I think Tomaszawski and Fuduka express a sense of illusion in their work. They do this excellent job of getting their points across in a way that’s almost fantasy like. Even in their more serious nationalistic posters both chose to represent them in a impacting way that still expressed a bit of animation.

Henryk Tomaszawski “Manekiny Opera Poster” (1985)

Shigeo Fukuda “In Poland” (1995)

In both posters you can see the elements are very similar but each artist has a distinguished way of expressing his style. I found throughout many of their posters they both have found a usage for limbs that’s quite interesting. Here is these poster Tomaszawski used more whimsical strokes to draw a female’s leg. His poster looks very much like other Polish art I have seen. While Fuduka’s poster is quite similar he chose harder more serious modern style. Here he has intertwined a male and female leg while giving the illusion of a necktie flying.

History and Work of Ikko Tanaka Essay

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