Influence of Internet on Students Essay

Influence of Internet on Students Essay.

The influence of internet is uniformly shared by all the age group of the society in spite of being young or old. But the school and college students under the age of 20 are more involved in INTERNET.

They have become active users of social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, and Twitter. Even though these social networking sites have restricted the use by users under the age of 18, there are currently millions of users who overcome this age group restriction and join these sites.

The over use of such social networking sites make the younger generation addicted to these sites. As a result, they become less interested in School and College activities and start to lag behind in studies.

They are online 24 hours which indeed cause health problems because they do not get enough sleep. They are also crazy about downloading new films of Hollywood and Bollywood which indeed causes problems for film producers as their income gets reduced. There are countless sites in internet through which we can download movies for free.

Other than movies, they also download and view content which are not appropriate for their age which makes them addicted to PORN and other vulnerable stuff. They become addicted to these at such young age, which creates problem for them in future.

As the activities of youth on internet are not monitored, they do not need to fear anything to misuse the contents available on internet. Also they join bad forums and get involved in hacking and stuff like that which makes the mind of the young reader enslaved to such stuff which takes a lot of effort to recover from.

The new generation is enslaved to the world of internet. They destroy their youth by sitting in front of the PC all the time. They do not even trend to go out even for shopping. They do not know the joy of playing outside. In spite of going out and play, they sit at home in front of Pc or gaming consoles such as play station and play violent games which are violent in nature.

It is high time that they started thinking about the problems internet is creating on students and restrict the over use of internet.

Influence of Internet on Students Essay