Like Move by Zulueta Essay

Like Move by Zulueta Essay.

“Not yet Rizal, not yet.” means the Filipinos should not forget Jose Rizal yet. “Sleep not in peace.” means to never give up. Meaning: Rizal cannot rest yet because we are still very dependent on others and we need to become independent.

Stanza 2:

Stanza 2 is about that we, the Filipinos, sacrifice our life for freedom. “Not yet Rizal, not yet” means the Filipinos should not forget Jose Rizal yet. “The land of young blood…“ means the Filipinos and “…and what younger than your own.

” means the younger generation of Filipinos. “Forever spilled in the great name of freedom.” and “Forever oblate on the altar of the free?” means sacrificing for freedom like what Jose Rizal did. Meaning: the Philippines needs young people’s blood like Rizal so we can have the courage to fight for the country and we can have true freedom

Stanza 3:

Stanza 3 is about the how we should be strong like the Molave tree. “Not you alone, Rizal.

” means Rizal is not alone in the fight for freedom. “O souls and spirits of the martyred brave arise! Arise and scour the land!” means that he is calling on the spirits to cleanse the land. “Shed once again your willing blood! Infuse the vibrant red into our thin anemic veins…” means that we want to make us strong. “…until we pick up your Promethean tool and strong out of depthless matrix of your faith in us and on the silent cliffs of freedom.” means we want to be inspired like you. “We carve for all time of your marmoreal dream.” means that we are want to reach your goal of freedom. “Until our people seeing are become like the Molave, firm, resilent, staunch, rising on the hillside, unafraid, strong in its own fiber; yes like the Molave!” means that we are strong, independent and brave. Meaning: Rizal cannot be alone. Heroes also need to help. They have to cleanse the land of our problems and they are inspiring us to be like them so that we can be like the molave.

Stanza 4:

Stanza 4 is about

“Not yet Rizal, not yet” means the Filipinos should not forget Jose Rizal yet. “The glory hour will come. Out of the silent dreaming.” means we should wait for success. “From the seven thousand fold silence, we shall emerge saying WE ARE FILIPINOS! And no longer be ashamed.” means we should not be quiet but we should fight for freedom. Meaning: So out of the dream, all of us filipinos will be courageous enough already saying that WE ARE FILIPINOS and no longer be worried.

Stanza 5:

Stanza 5 is about how we stand to anything even though we trying to be stopped. “Sleep not in peace.” means to never give up. “The dream is not yet fully carved.” means we have not achieved our freedom. “Hard the wood, but harder the blows. Yet the molave will stand, yet the molave monument will rise.” means the Filipinos will never back down even though something or someone is blocking them. “And gods walk on brown legs.” means the gods will support us and give us strength. Meaning: The dream is not yet finished, we might be like the heroes but there are harder problems yet wen will stand up and change that always and once and for all, we have become like gods.

The main interpretation of the Filipino poem Like The Molave is one regarding how the people of the Philippines must work to make the nation stronger. The poem states that a region of the Philippines – Rizal – cannot yet rest, as there is still much work to be done to make the area successful.

At the beginning of the poem, the poet outlines how the Philippines is dependent on other nations, and must work towards becoming independent in the future in order to support its citizens. Like The Molave also highlights the importance of the younger generation, and how they must fight for their country and improve the Filipino way of living. The poet believes this will grant the nation freedom.

Further analysis

Like The Molave also talks about heroes and how they inspire regular Filipinos to be great themselves and join them on the quest to make the Philippines a more prosperous place. The poem states that whilst many Filipinos are achieving great things for their country, there is still much more to be done and more residents must contribute to the efforts. In short, Like The Molave is about inspiring the Filipino nation to improve their country and make it self-sufficient.

The Philippines

The Philippines is a country located in southeast Asia, with a population of around 95 million. Over recent decades standards of living have improved greatly in the nation, with many political and cultural changes, and the country’s economy is strong. It has a large export market, which consists mainly of electrical products and petroleum fuels. Unemployment currently stands at just over 7%. In most respects the Philippines is now considered a developed nation, with a strong industrial sector.

Like Move by Zulueta Essay