Managing Diversity / Individual Reflection Paper Essay

Managing Diversity / Individual Reflection Paper Essay.

My personal growth while working on my community growth I must say that it has inspired me to continue working with children and it awaken a knowledge of organizing or funding something that can benefit so, many. I didn’t believe that I had the capabilities to come up with an idea of a program for the community, and that this proposal could take affect if we want to.

I learned that I am capable of being a leader. I discovered a new skill where I thought I would never have.

I believe that by doing this project I learned and developed the skill to create something that it can actually be done and accomplish. I learned this when I would gather with the rest of the members of the project and ideas just started to come out of my mind and how I saw that we all agreed to and knew that it can work. This learning matters because my goal is to have a business of my own and by doing this project I was able to see some of the highlights and things need to have an organization either profit or non-profit and this relate to my career because as a manager I need to come up with strategies, schedules, meetings, and so, on.

Also the role of being a manager is to give that positive environment to the staff, being a team.

Doing this project I came up with new objectives such as being a manager, receiving my master’s degree, and having an own business either in the United States or at my parents homeland. I learned that you don’t have to be afraid to say things that you think are not going to work and that others are going to be negative about it. What I am trying to say is that by doing this project I learned that any idea could actually be a great idea and function. I have always been the type to be a team member and participate, but with this project I learn to become a leader my teammates and me were the leaders of our proposal, the ones that came up with the concept of the organization. I learned this when we started to come up with ideas for a proposal.

When I was given my part of the project, so many things came to my head I felt that I had the main role here because I was given the part of the brand promise, staffing, roles, and the concept of the project. In light of this learning I will be a team leader, not be afraid to lead, and being outspoken. I will try to take action on being more leader like, read books about it, and start practicing with myself on things that I need to have done. My main concern is being afraid to lead, but with this project I learned that I shouldn’t be afraid because I will never accomplish anything and being that my major is on management, being a manager means being a leader to your staff. Finally the actions that I will definitely take are being outspoken. Give my opinion out either if it’s for something that I don’t agree with or that I will like to have my idea be heard, whether it will be used or not, but at least it was spoken about.

Managing Diversity / Individual Reflection Paper Essay

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