Marriot and Body Shop Aims and Objectives Essay

Marriot and Body Shop Aims and Objectives Essay.


Marriot is an international brand however the purpose of this controlled assessment, they will be my local business known as London Heathrow Marriott-LHM. Marriott is currently a private limited company (PLC) and has two other private investors as owners of the company. The Marriott hotel was founded in 1993 and is located in Harlington, Hayes. Currently its labour turnover for the month of September (2010) is an increase of 10.1%. Marriott acquires approximately 133,000 employee’s world wide and between 8,000-9,000 employees in the UK.

My other local business is The Body shop. The Body Shop is an international business

Definition of Aims

The long-term goals a business wants to achieve. Goals that a business wants to achieve to be successful.
Explain what aims are
Definition of objectives
The specific steps taken by a business to achieve a goal
Objectives have to S.M.A.R.T, this stands for:
* Specific
* Measurable
* Achievable
* Realistic
* Time

Marriott’s aims
* Guest Satisfaction Superiority
* Marriott Profitability & Owner Return on Investment
* Associate Satisfaction

Marriott’s objectives
* GSS (Customer Target) 75% (satisfied with overall service) * Sales turnover of £20m per annum
* Labour turnover less than or equal to 25%

Summarising Marriott’s aims and objectives

Marriot have set themselves three aims that they hope to achieve.

These three aims vary from making a profit on their investment to guest and employee satisfaction. Marriott’s first aim and objective focuses on customer satisfaction. They are going to meet this goal by being customer focused and meeting customer needs. To achieve this they will do everything in their power to keep their customers happy to give recommendations to other people and for them to keep coming back to their hotel. They need to deliver the “wow factor” by providing the best quality of service. They intend to meet this aim by encouraging their guests to complete a “Guest Satisfaction Survey”.

To achieve their aim they need 75% of their customers to be satisfied. The management team reviews all these surveys to find out what they need to improve on to make the hotel and make it the best in the industry. They also focus on associate satisfaction which focuses on the employees. They are striving for labour turnover less than or equal to 25% therefore Marriott hope not to lose more than 1 in 4 of their employees. They aim to make employees satisfied by ensuring their staff is happy. They will achieve this aim by motivating their staff and rewarding them with staff benefits for example LHM offer “Valuable room rate, food and beverage, and retail discounts at global Marriott locations.”

This gives the employees the feeling that Marriott cares about them. Also the amount of pay that is offered by Marriott is higher than most equivalent jobs. This makes the employees want to stay as they know that there is a very slim chance that they will find this amount of pay anywhere else, or they may not get the same amount of bonuses-motivating them to do better- The want the communication between the staff and Marriott management to be strong as this gives the employees the sense that they are involved within the business.

Their third aim and objective focuses on Income and money made. Marriott want to make a profit and have a sales turnover of £20m per annum. By doing this they will be able to maintain share prices and reward shareholders with dividends. Furthermore they will be able to do this by increasing sales revenue for this hotel. This has been set out by the management & senior Marriott personnel in the US. The will achieve this by providing the best quality of service.

body shopAims

* Leading business in the beauty industry
* Fair trade
* Protect human rights – customers and staff
* Protect the Environment and planet

body shop objectives

* Continue to grow by maximizing sales * All our suppliers have signed the Code of conduct supporting ethical, fair trade program. * Improving working conditions for body shop employees and protecting their Human rights * Every product packaging is made from 100% recycled materials Summary of the body shop aims and objectives

Marriot and Body Shop Aims and Objectives Essay

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