Narrative and United States Respond Essay

Narrative and United States Respond Essay.

Directions: Imagine yourself as one of the children in the liberation photograph. Complete the three paragraphs as a first-person narrative from his or her point of view.

Paragraph 1: Why were you persecuted? Paragraph 2: Where did you go? Describe your experience at the camp. What happened to your family? How did the United States respond to your experience? Paragraph 3: What will your future bring? Predict what you think will happen to you now that you have been liberated. How has the world changed since your imprisonment? How have you changed? In your narrative, be sure to:

recount historical facts accurately use course terms when appropriate cite any outside sources

The Nazi’s came into power, and that’s when everything changed.

Famailies were broken,homes were destroyed,and businesses were ruined. We were the targets for this burtla attack. The Jews. My name is Lauren and my family and I have been taken to a camp.

We are in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.

This camp is a transit and prison camp. I have been hearing it is less harsh then the other camps, such as extermination camps. We have been here since June 23, 1944. It is small, yet it contains about 35,000 prisoners. The Dutch Jews that resign here right now are slowly being sent away. My dad won’t tell me where, but I know it’s to extermination camps. It is very warm here, which makes sleep uncomfortable at night…not that we get much of it anyways. I am thankful I am still with my parents though, it is just us. The food here isn’t good either. Don’t supply enough. I can feel myself getting weak and it has only been one day…how much longer can I last? The Dutch Red Cross and Canadian Army is supposed to be sent here sometime soon. Oh, I hope it is soon. This is horrible. April,1945:

The point of light has come. The Canadian Army has taken seige and is setting us free! Oh I am so thankful. Now that the war is ending, my family and I can only hope for more good to come. The future will be difficult, for I know it’ll be hard to get over the trauma and pain we have all experienced. Those who have survived will be forever scarred. The world is different now. Everything seems black and grey. Everyone is sad and gloom, yet they should be. Many people have been hurt and killed nd seperated. Not only the Jews, but the countries involved are hurting. I am a stronger person now. I hope to shine my strength upon others around me. I know that when I grow up I will make a difference in these people’s life and show them to not hold a grudge, though it may be hard, but to forgive so that they may life eternally forever.

Narrative and United States Respond Essay