Paramedic Essay

Paramedic Essay.

“People don’t care how much you know, they want to know how much you care.” –John C. Maxwell I am attending Fortis College to become a paramedic. I want to become a paramedic not only to make a difference, but to help others in their time of need. I think of this degree as a passion not just a career. As a paramedic there is always room for continuing your education. You learn from your co-workers and the runs you go on.

As early as 1500 B.C. there has been some kind of EMS. In those days it was a Good Samaritan act and completely voluntary. Moving up the time line in 1767, the Greeks and Romans took soldiers off of the battlefield by chariots. In the same time period a chief physician in the Napoleon’s army, Baron Dominique-Jean Larrey, started the first pre-hospital system used to triage and transport injured soldiers from the battlefield to aid station. In 1865-1869 the first ambulance service was started in the United States.

Interns of the hospital used horse drawn carriages made specifically in taking the sick and injured to the hospital. And modern day today, there are many ambulance companies including fire houses and private ambulances. As knowledge of science and the anatomy of humans grows the knowledge of what paramedics can do grows.

I have experience in the fire and EMS world. I was an explorer at the Fairfield Township Fire Department in Fairfield Township, Ohio. I was an explorer for four years. In that four years I did ride-a-longs, scenarios, and class room training. We also did competitions with other departments. In my last year at the department I interviewed and obtained the position of captain of the explorer program. The first year that my explorer post did competitions that I was attending, we placed 2nd overall and placed in 3 competitions; of those 3 I was involved in 2. This was a very exciting time of my life. I also attended the week long Fire/EMS academy at Hocking College as an explorer. I learned a lot from both programs.

In conclusion, I can’t wait to start my career at Fortis College. I am excited to further my knowledge in the EMS field. Upon graduation at Fortis College, I plan to work as a paramedic at a private ambulance company and in the ER of a hospital, to only further on as a care flight medic in Columbus.

Paramedic Essay

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