Part-Time Job While Studying Essay

Part-Time Job While Studying Essay.

The modern world now provides students with the best condition for studying. Therefore, some people suppose that they need not to have a part-time job any more but try to focus on their study. On the other hand, the rest of them argue that a part-time job still plays an important role in forming the necessary experience for students. To the best of my knowledge, despite the current comfort in education, it is still essential that students should take part in a particular part-time job for many reasons.

To begin with, many peoples present the reasons for the unnecessity of having a part-time job among students.

The first point is that a part-time job can make students spend less time on their study, thereby harming their study result. Another reason is that the part-time job environment is often not professional and safe, which can put students at the risk of being defrauded. The final reason is that taking part in a part-time job will cause more pressure to students, consequently affecting badly their health.

However, in my opinion, such reasons above are still one-sided and not so persuasive. Coming back to the first point above, we can agree that the completive world now makes students become more sensible that they used to be.

In fact, most of the students know that their study in school must be the main means of providing them with a good future, not their part-time jobs. In the second reason presented above, the unsafe environment of part-time jobs, on one hand, maybe make students defrauded, on the other hand, give the students valuable experience about real life. Therefore, they will certain the more successful people in the future than the ones who do not participate in a part-time job. Finally, suffering from the part-time jobs for a certain time can help students find the best way of reconciling between their study and working.

Surely they will know how to draw an effective schedule for their lives. Finally, in favor of the people arguing the necessity of having a part-time job, I can give some reasons for my point of view. To begin with, a part-time job will give students more experience about life which they cannot earn at school such as the skills of communication, how to be a confident person. This can help them become more mature and easier to be successful in future. The second reason is that students can widen their relationship by participating in a part-time job.

In fact, the more friends they have, the more probably they will deal successfully with the obstacles in life. Last but not least, taking part in a part-time job can help students earn more to support their study. Consequently, they will be less dependent on their parents and believe more in their own ability. To sum up, it is quite essential that students should have a part-time job while studying. This will give them many valuable lessons which they cannot find in any academic school. In fact, we just study in school in the first twenty years of life, but we study in real life during the rest of our lifetime.

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Part-Time Job While Studying Essay

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