Review of “Peer-E-Kamil” Essay

Review of “Peer-E-Kamil” Essay.

Pir-e-Kamil (SAW) meaning The Perfect Mentor, is one of the fiction novel written by well known and famous Pakistani writer Umera Ahmed. The book was firstly published in 2005 in Urdu language and later on in 2011 the book was published in English language too. I have decided to write review on this book because I found the book an extraordinary attempt by the writer Umera Ahmed. I have selected this book for review because the facts shown in the book were heart & soul shaking.

Many among us don’t think about these facts and coming life but only consider it as to have the luxuries and to relax after working hard for gathering as much luxuries as they can. The only right path starts from ALLAH and ends at his beloved last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) but unfortunately not as many of us thinks about it.

Umera Ahmed was born on December 10, 1976 in Sialkot. Umera Ahmed completed her masters in English literature from Murray College,Sialkot.

She began her writing career in 1998 with her initial stories published in monthly Urdu digests. She has written 16 books, ranging from complete novels to compilations of short stories. Her most popular book is the current book of which I am presenting the review Pir-e-Kamil (SAW). This book became identity for Umera Ahmed. Later she became an English language lecturer for the students of O and A levels at Army Public College, Sialkot. However, she left the job a few years back in order to devote her full attention to writing. Her novels and her plays have been adapted for television. Umera Ahmed is one of the most widely-read and popular Urdu fiction novelist and screenplay writer of this era. Her stories revolves around many social, domestic and spiritual issues and consists of colours of true love, friendship, suspense and tragedy. What differentiates her from others is her ambition of bringing light on certain controversial issues of modern era.

Pir-e-Kamil, is our Prophet (S.A.W) someone the whole Muslim Ummah loves. The story of ‘Pir-e-Kamil’ is about a girl named ‘Imamah’ who went through many changes in her life because of her love for Allah and His Messenger S.A.W. Pir-e-Kamil is a story of Imamah Hashim, who belongs to a family of Qadiyanis. Qadiyanis are a group of people who choose divergence from true Islam by selling their faith and these are considered non-believers by Islamic Law and according to the Law of Pakistan too. Imamah grews up in that family but feels something to be missing in her life. She found what she was looking for in Islam. Her conversion to Islam brought some serious and difficult challenges to her life, and faced rejection and harsh behavior of her family on becoming a Muslim.

Her family planned her wedding with her cousin “Asjad” who was also a Qadiyani. As It isn’t permissible for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim, so she asks for her Muslim neighbors, Salar’s help. Salar was one of those special people who have 150+ IQ level and amazing memory. This book is also about the story of Salar Sikander, a very different and complicated character, who was living a sinful and worse life like the life of anyone in the world but not that of how a good Muslim should live. He had tried to commit suicide a few times just because he wants to feel the pain. After that story the book is about the hardships these characters face in life. The book tells us that Any success in this world and in the next World, is only granted for the love of Holy Prophet (SAW) and beyond that there is nothing that a person requires. Nothing.

The writers expressive style does justice to the wonderful plot and by the end of the novel you cant help but at least think over the lessons and morals in the book. The novel’s plot, facts expressed in the novel, the scenes hence, everything was heart touching, heart shaking and perfect. It is not just an ordinary novel, but Pir-e-Kamil will let you examine your own life and see if the lives we are living are in accordance with what Allah (God) wants us to live like in this World. The story of the book is such a great one that no one can sit without admiring it. It shows the people who love Allah and His Messenger (SAW) and how people have changed by the will of Allah through other people. It is spiritual story. I’m sure that there are many people who go through such phases in their lives, infact I think everyone gets a chance at least once in their lives.

It also depends on who want that change. Surely, Allah listens and knows what’s in our hearts. One of my favorite parts was when Salar was in a “fishy” area and hears the name Imamah and the way Umera described his reaction was just superb and fabulous. Great characterization shown by Umera Ahmed in this book. Your heart totally went out for Salar even when you knew he wasn’t a good guy – what a great way to craft a character in the book. It is really a masterpiece of Umera Ahmed and no doubt the book has a magic spell .Although it is totally a fiction novel but after reading this you will just think that may be Salar Sikandar exists or Imamah exists in this World. The concepts , the characters , the dialogues every single thing in book was amazing. Personally the character of Salar Sikandar left me totally mesmerized. I loved the transition of his characters the way he changed is quite interesting.

Overall this book is a Masterpiece from the Author. I will surely recommend this book to all people. It is such a type of book which have everything In it and once reading it no once can be restricted from appraising the work of author. A surely recommended book to everyone. I highly recommend this book to everyone because it has got to be one of the most amazing novels ever. It is definitely worth reading.

“‗In life, at sometime or another we come to a point where all relationships cease—where there is only us and Allah. There are no parents, brother or sister, or any friend. Then we realise that there is no earth under us nor is there sky above, but only Allah who is supporting us in this emptiness. Then we realise our worth – it is not more than a grain of sand or the leaf of a plant. Then we realise our existence is only confined to our being. Our demise makes not a whit of difference to the world around us, nor to the scheme of things.” ― Umera Ahmed, Peer-e-Kamil

Review of “Peer-E-Kamil” Essay