Scary Stories Essay

Scary Stories Essay.

What I’m about to tell you happened only for about an hour I would have to say. After describing the events to a friend he had persuaded me to write about it on this website: nopulse. Here others had posted scary stories that had happened to them and you could comment. I’n my case I was writing this looking for others with similar experiences.

Here’s some background about me and where and what at the time. This isn’t too vital to know and if you want toskip this paragraph and get to the good stuff then by all means go ahead.

For those that would like to know, the location was but familar. I was maybe 10 miles from my house at a bonfire with a few friends. It was after midnight and nearing one o’ clock. I remember because that’s when our host had to leave and when most party members dissembled. I had intentions on staying at my friend’s Uncle’s house.

His name is David. David an I had never et before but he seemed like a pretty cool guy. The house was a simple two story placed north of the bonfire, close to a road void of other houses. Entering the front door you came upon a vast living room central and to the left, with a small kitchen finishing the floor on the right. Another door on the side of the kitchen looked upon the staircases to the top floor. Here you make a turn to the left and find a bathroom diving two rooms. Both like the other with wide shuttered closets and a bed and lamp and window. This pretty much concludes the house.

It had been some time since I pulled a late night so sleep was rolling over my eyes with much success by the time I climbed the stairs. I went to the right but it had appared that David was sleeping there so I found myself under the covers of the room on the left. My body barely took notice to the sound of David’s door closing. Now with a slight grasp on conciousness I heard my name. I didn’t respond. I was too tired and wasn’t giving up my the great sleep I was about to get. Then I heard a loud, Knock Knock. What did he want? Iopened my eyes yet no one was at my ajar door. Slowly I sat up and saw a dim blue light emmitting from the shutter doors.

Knock Knock, I heard again registering the sound from the closet. Frightened now I pulled my knees against my chest clutching the sheets real tight. The blue light grew bigger as I heard a loud shout in the dark. A howl. Probably a wolf. I’ve always hated wolves. Then as it ended, my name was called again. Spoken dark, with a deep bass like tone that rippled the air. With only a brief silence afterwards the closet doors flung open with paranormal force, as a sapphire soul raced at and through me like you would see in ghost movies. I cursed! The thing had no body that I could have glimpsed but a face of a huge mature wolf.

I thought I was dead. Panicking I could feel my rabit heart beat heavily like drums. Widely awake now I raced to David’s door, flipping all the electrical switches on my way. There were no lights. Except for the transparent bright blue wolf I saw over David’s body when I opened his door. I noticed a nasty gnash between two lungs. Somehow deep red blood dripped from it’s fangs. Shit! The entity shifted it’s head toward me and smiled an unnatural ear to ear smile, then dove through DAvid’s seemingly limp body and through the floor elsewhere.

I went to examine his body, now in the dark, but I felt no blood nor any hole in his chest. At a loss for answers I turned to the only logic that felt right. Get out of here! I bolted down the stairs skipping many steps. I saw a shade of sapphire fly past the kitchen’s side door as I turned the corner. Shaking I pulleda knife off the counter, not sure what good it would do. The front door opened and I flung the weapon with all my might at it, almost wounding my friend Lasko who had hosted the bonfire. “What the hell was that for”!? he excaimed shocked.

Scanning my surroundings I quickly debriefed Lasko of my night’s terror. He went up the stairs quick in doubt. He must’ve thought I was crazy. He had come backfor his phone and when he left you bet I went with him. I felt as though all action had ceased when he arrived. Although I swear I saw a pair of glimmering eyes in his rearview mirror as we pulled out onto the road. Or at least I thought I did. I was never going back there. Lasko and I stayed up that night playing video games, when we recieved word that David had never woken up that morning. I think this made Lasko believe me and so I put my story up here. I’m having trouble sleeping at night, afraid to sleep, and when I do they’re nightmares of that wolf. If anyone has a similar occurence that has happened to them please contact me.

Scary Stories Essay

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