Sky View Restobar Essay

Restobar is a business establishment which prepares and serves foods, drinks and also alcoholic drinks to customers in return for money, either paid before the meal, after the meal, or with a running tab. There are many restobar already these days. It gives more satisfaction to customers due of many foods, drinks, and services that it offers. Putting these restobars near in the tourist spots give it more attraction to or invites tourist or customers. The City of Tagaytay is a component city in the province of Cavite, in the Philippines.

It is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations because of outstanding scenery and cooler climate provided by its high altitude. Tagaytay overlooks Taal Lake in Batangas and provides one of the iconic views of the Philippines, the view of Taal Volcano Island in the middle of the lake, viewable from several vantage points in the city. Tagaytay is relatively close to the capital city of Manila, only 55 km (34 mi) away via Aguinaldo Highway, providing an easy escape for the locals from the heat of the big city.

Tagaytay City has a total land area of 66. 1 km2 (26 sq mi) which represents about 4. 37% of the total area of the Province of Cavite. It lies within 120° 56′ longitude and 14° 6′ latitude and overlooks Manila Bay to the North, Taal Volcano and Lake to the south and Laguna de Bay to the east. Tagaytay City’s subtropical-like climate is characterized by relatively low temperature, low humidity and abundant rainfall.

The City is endowed with a cool and invigorating climate with an average temperature of 22. 7 °C (72. 9 °F). With its high elevation, the city could be misty at times and is relatively cooler during the months of December, January and February. Like most areas in the province of Cavite, the city has two pronounced seasons: dry from November to April and wet during the rest of the year. The climate has made the city ideal for sports, picnics, conferences, honeymoons, country homes, and spiritual retreats.

The city of Tagaytay is a favorite tourist attraction among local and foreign visitors seeking respite from the humid weather in the lowlands with several tourist establishments providing food and accommodations, some with scenic views of the the Japanese Friendship Garden, One Destination night life hub, scenery view in the People’s Park In The Sky, Pink Sister’s Convent, Tagaytay Highlands, Tagaytay Picnic Grove, Taal Lake and Volcano. This view supports Tagaytay’s main industry, which is tourism. The lake is also popular for its oddity – a lake with a volcano with a lake within, and an island in the middle of that small lake.

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