Steven Lewitt & Stephen Dubner Essay

Steven Lewitt & Stephen Dubner Essay.

Freakonomics is a relatively controversial book using economics to describe unconventional and equally radical thoughts and state of mind. The concept of economics was applied to different everyday situations, including situations that an average person will never correlate to economics or the market. The book caught the attention of many because its premise is very contentious evident when Steven Lewitt pointed on abortion as the primary reason why there was a noticeable drop in crimes before the beginning of the second millennium.

Accordingly, Lewitt showed that there is a direct link between the absence of children to families who are likely to related to a crime. Other issues in the book Freakonomics are discussed in the same sweeping manner with radical ideas. Everyday human issues were discussed by the authors of the book by relating it to economic and market concepts. Amazingly, every important societal issue has a corresponding economic based explanation. It deals with different thorny questions and uses statistics in its discussions but still, it is interesting and readable even to an average non-Economics major person.

Despite its controversial approach on human issues, whether the book was based on the science of economics or just a fictional writing, the book is still undoubtedly recognized to be a very moving marvel. All walks of life can relate to and is the audience of the book. Either they agree or disagree with the authors; their attention will really be caught. Even if a person has no in-depth or expert idea about economics, Freakonomics is still handy. It was written using simple language so readers will not have to worry about jargons in economics. The crucial and vital concepts were described and delivered in its very basic form.

With the book’s simplicity in language, difficult issues were discussed in such a way that anybody can understand what it means. And since everybody’s interested in reading the book, it drew a lot of different and sometimes opposing ideas. Some say that the book is a perfect example on how talented people can twist the meaning and analysis of statistics. On the other hand, some say that the book is the best way to show students how economics apply to almost everything. Personally, as I read the book Freakonomics, I always keep on saying “Really? ” There are a lot of things that I didn’t imagine could be related in any way to economics.

The author made me realize how broad you can make things to be. It’s like showing the depth of every issue and presenting the rational behind it. When inside an economics class, I usually focus of the mathematical meaning of statistics and the scientific description of things. It’s like I take everything in a very technical manner. But then, after reading Freakonomics, my eyes were opened that almost everything can be correlated to economics. Although there are some ideas that made me stop and me say “No way,” what’s important to me is that I see the author’s intention of making its readers understand the concept.

Personally, I don’t agree with Lewitt’s idea that ice cream is related to rape in a way that when that when the price of ice cream goes up, so is the statistics for rape. But just like what I have mentioned, I look at the intent of the authors to bring the concepts of economics to average people. It is so brilliant that it makes people, even those who don’t have formal knowledge on economics to counter analyze; this way, people are subconsciously trying to understand economics.

Steven Lewitt & Stephen Dubner Essay