The Reliability of Newspapers Essay

The Reliability of Newspapers Essay.

Question 1.

I think The Independent On Sunday is a broadsheet and The Sun is a tabloid newspaper. I think so because The Independent On Sunday is bigger than the Sun and the broadsheets are usually bigger than tabloids. The Independent On Sunday and The Sun in these specific examples has same headline, but in the first one (The Independent On Sunday) the headline is more informative and less choking than in the second one (The Sun). Also The Independent On Sunday have a big picture of prince in normal conditions while The Sun has the picture of prince when he was drunk, and the Independent’s picture is bigger than the Sun’s.

The Independent has more text on the page than The Sun do, because usually the tabloids choking people from the first page making them buy and read the newspaper, while the broadsheets are usually selling to the business persons. The Sun uses the world “exclusive” which is also attracts people to buy the tabloid.

Question 2.

Harry Faces Eaton Drugs Test- Summary.

The 17th years old Prince Harry, who has been allowed to stay at Eaton School by head John Lewis, faced Eaton Drugs test. Prince Harry has been drunk and under the influence of cannabis Eaton has told him that even through he never smoked pot at the school, its anti-drugs rules applies at home. The Prince is extremely upset about those who mixed with his son in case any of them has been a bad influence on him. “All eyes at Eaton will be on Harry to ensure he does not stray” said head of Eaton, John Lewis. And a pupil who was expelled for having cannabis said he once offered a joint to Harry’s brother William, but he politely turned it down immediately.

Prince Harry Sent To Rehab Over Drink And Drugs- Summary.

Prince Harry was sent to a drug rehabilitation clinic on 12 of January. Prince Charles took a decision after learning his son has taken drugs during private a later summer Harry came to a couple of hours on a day to talk with several people in recovery, heroin and cocaine addicts mostly. Prince was friendly and relaxed and the residents liked him.

The Independent On Sunday is more factual and objective, because it has been written for older and more official persons. While The Sun is more sensational because it has targeted for younger generation moistly for people 15-25 years old and it needs to interest for them. Because of the same reason The Independent On Sunday has longer, more complex sentences and more formal, controlled language while The Sun uses more informal, conversation language.

The Reliability of Newspapers Essay

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