Visual entertainment media Essay

Visual entertainment media Essay.

Visual entertainment media is a part of everyday life, anywhere from cellphones, television, internet, newspaper, etc. All of the forms of visual entertainment media have helped shaped America, also the culture and values that have developed over the years. The most common visual entertainment media form that has shaped, influenced, the culture and values in America is cable television. Cable television covers so many different forms within itself, news channels, religious channels, debate channels, and different types of local television programs.

Each of these channels carries their own message, with entertainment values that are viewed by the person watching the program. Many forms of visual entertainment carry a negative social influence message, self-education is important on these types of visual entertainment in order to determine what best fits your personal situation. If there are, guidelines that are set on, what type of visual entertainment are acceptable, internet access, cell phone access, and television channels.

Than the amount of negative influence, someone may be subjected to can be cut down dramatically, giving the opportunity for positive experiences to be put in its place.

The idea of visual entertainment media is to help spread education, and social entertainment purposes. One way to ensure that this is the experience that is shared is to limit what you make available to your family and how much is acceptable.

I think that it is very easy for adolescent minds to be subjected to influence, both positive and negative depending on what their social surrounding support frequently. If a child is exposed to violent, sexual, or death filled entertainment, it is more likely for them to incorporate these things into their everyday social environment. This affects their social behavior and attitudes to not only peers, but also any given situation.

The influences these entertainment types have can either become a person or just be a part of everyday life. This solely depends on the person that is subjected to the visual entertainment, and how they conceive what is viewed into their everyday life. A minor is not in control of what they watch and cannot be responsible for making educated visual entertainment media choices, that being said they could not be responsible for the influence it has on them either.

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Visual entertainment media Essay

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