Yoga Good Morning Essay

Yoga Good Morning Essay.

Wow, check this out… Not a single person is into yoga? Why? Because yoga is not a trend or maybe people are not aware of the extra ordinary benefits of yoga. Today I’m going persuade you why yoga should be a part of your lifestyle. So what is yoga? According to dictionary. com, a system of exercise practiced as part of discipline to promote control of the body and mind. It all started 5000 years ago in India and today millions of people are enjoying its benefits.

Now I’ll be talking about the benefits of yoga in two aspects or parts, 1. Physical benefit 2. Mental Benefit Yoga has several physical benefits, it helps in increasing strength, improves flexibility, posture correction, toning muscles and enhancing several internal organs. There is no age restriction in yoga, even kids can perform yoga. People, especially women after age 30 usually complain about back pain. According to a study conducted by self. om on people having backbone problem, showed that these people eased their soreness by 56% by only TWO classes per week for about six months of yogic exercises, and treatments with med and physical therapy only lessened it by 16%.

Apart from this, people often think dumbbell is the key or the only way to sculpt the body. Yoga is strength training says Dr. Lauren, who is an instructor at pure yoga in New York City and creator of Barrett Boot camp.

He further adds “You’re using your body weight to move from posture to posture and in certain poses you are lifting every pound of your body” and in this way it helps in gaining strength through yoga. In addition to this, it also improves the cardio vascular health. According to Harvard medical school, yoga helps in keeping the heart fit by its special breathing techniques which improves the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, lowers stress, prevents blockage in veins, lower blood sugar and many more different benefits.

Now moving on to the mental benefits, Yoga is very effective in enhancing the mental well-being from chronic conditions like depression, stress, anxiety, Insomnia and many more. Today, according to World health organization 121 million people in the world suffer from depression and 2/3rd of them are women. Researches from Duke University studied 124 people dealing with neuropsychiatric disorders, and they found clear evidence that yoga provides great aids in curing depression.

Yoga can also be the key to minimizing stress for busy professors and students, according to a study conducted by the researches at the University of California, San Francisco. The research also stated that only eight week of yoga classes lowered stress and depression among the students and the professors. So, doing one hour of yoga which includes combination of postures, balancing, breathing raises the level of brain chemical GABA by 27% which deals with the depression and stress, lower the chemical higher the depression. Yoga also helps the insomniacs.

Practicing yoga helps the insomniacs fell asleep 15 minutes faster and they slept one hour longer each night after only two months of 45 minutes of yoga poses daily before bed, according to research conducted by Brigham Women’s hospital. This is because yoga before bed relaxes the patient and it was easier to doze off. So, in conclusion, with little time and effort, the positive effects of yoga will not only improve your health, but also every area of your life will become evident and abundant. Yoga works by making you feel good, strong and peaceful.

Yoga Good Morning Essay

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