Comparison or Contrast Essay

Comparison or Contrast Essay.

Comparison or Contrast Essay

Choose point-by-point or block comparison.  No research is required for this essay; cite your own experiences as examples.

You must submit your comparison or contrast essay here as an attachment in MS Word before midnight on Sunday, March 1, 2020.

For guidelines on the format for your comparison or contrast essay, please watch MLA Essay Format video, which goes over the basic rules for where to put identification information, how to use spacing correctly,  what type of font is allowed, etc.

Before beginning this assignment, review the list of topics below.

Comparison or Contrast Writing Prompts

  • The expectations that college professors and high school teachers have for their students
  • Two important people in your life
  • Two memorable places that you have visited
  • Two life-changing events
  • Online learning/Face-to-Face learning (traditional)

Make Sure Your Paper Has the Following:

  • A clear thesis statement 
  • Use point-by-point structure or block structure
  • Specific detail
  • Varied sentence structure
  • Avoid monotony
  • Use transitional words to indicate the order of events and signal shifts in time (i.e. first, second, next, then, later, at the same time, meanwhile, immediately, soon, before, earlier, after, afterward, now, finally etc.)
  • Use Font 12 Times New Roman, Double-space entire document, 1″ margins
  • The essay should be two-pages (Type until the last line).  Do not write below or over two pages.  Failure to comply with the page requirement will result in a one full grade deduction off your essay grade.

Comparison or Contrast Essay

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