What Kind of Leader?

What Kind of Leader?

Identify a famous current leader in the public sector. Into which leadership theory or theories (the traits, skills, style, situational, contingency, path-goal, leadership-member exchange, transformational, servant, and authentic theories of leadership) does he/she seem to fit? Explain how he or she fits into this leadership theory. Use a minimum of two examples to support your post. Be certain to be explain why these theories apply to the public sector, as opposed to the private sector. Put another way, why these leaders are specifically effective — or ineffective — as public sector leaders. When reading your classmates’ posts, consider the similarities and differences from your perspectives and how they fit into the theories you discussed.

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Project Planning and Budgeting

You will be creating subsidiary management plans of a Project Management Plan using the information found in the case study provided (attached). Please, for this assignment, do not take "Assessment….

What actions do the Ivanovics take to create a unique culture at Iggy’s? What are the costs and benefits of this culture as the organization grows?

Case Study: Iggy’s Bread of the World Please answer the questions related to the case.Meet the requirements:font 12, space 1,5 (you can do double and I will make it 1,5….

AP Themes in World Literature

AP Themes in World LiteratureLiterary Argument Rubric (out-of-class)4 – Exceeding Mastery 3 – Mastery 2 – Approaching Mastery 1 – Still DevelopingI write effective, insightfulliterary arguments to supportall claims in….