Shakespeare’s Midsummer night’s dream

Basically, we have to choose a topic between Shakespeare’s Midsummer night’s dream or Comedy of errors. We have to choose an article, preferred to be an academic one and summarize it and reference it.
this is the guidelines for the summary,
The template of this summary will be very strict, so please read carefully.
Step 1: State the name of the author, the title of the article, and journal in MLA format.
Step 2: In point form, you must summarize the paragraphs or groups of paragraphs of the article you have picked and read. You must include page numbers.
It should look like this:
Paragraph 1 (p. 28) introduces the topic of X
Paragraphs 2–3 (pp. 29–30) discuss the previous scholarship of the topic and show that the focus has been on X
Paragraph 4 (pp. 30–31) argues that methods from lexical studies should be introduced into interpretation of the text
Paragraph 5 (p. 32) provides a list of words from the texts that support the thesis
Paragraph 6–7 (pp. 33–35) show that the matter is not so straightforward and that there are some complexities preventing easy interpretation
Step 3: After this point form summary, you must state the author’s thesis in your own words (see the next section for how to write a thesis statement). Ask yourself what new knowledge is the author contributing to the discussion: for example, is the author giving a new focus to an neglected reading; providing external information (like culture or politics) to better interpret a text; or arguing for the relevance of the text for a specific audience, etc. You should be able to see the logic of the argument if you properly did step 2.
Use the following template:
[Author’s name] argues that [insert your version of the thesis].
NOTE: It is your responsibility to find a high-quality academic article of at least 7 pages that is relevant to the text discussed in class. You must summarize the entire article. If the article does not meet the criteria, you will lose at least half of all possible marks, and in some cases all marks.

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