CJUS440 Unit 3 Trial Preparation

Assignment Description In this assignment, you will prepare an essay on the hearsay rule and the rationale behind the rule. Explain the 4 main dangers of hearsay, and discuss 2 hearsay exceptions. Include examples. Assignment Guidelines Address the following in 2-3 pages: What is the hearsay rule? Explain in detail. What major cases were involved in the establishment of the hearsay rule? Summarize. What is the rationale behind the rule? Explain. What issues exist regarding the hearsay rule? Explain. What are the 4 main dangers of hearsay? Explain in detail. What are the hearsay exceptions? Explain. Are there any hearsay exceptions that you disagree with? Why or why not? Explain. Use at least 2 scholarly resources to support your arguments. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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What actions do the Ivanovics take to create a unique culture at Iggy’s? What are the costs and benefits of this culture as the organization grows?

Case Study: Iggy’s Bread of the World Please answer the questions related to the case.Meet the requirements:font 12, space 1,5 (you can do double and I will make it 1,5….

AP Themes in World Literature

AP Themes in World LiteratureLiterary Argument Rubric (out-of-class)4 – Exceeding Mastery 3 – Mastery 2 – Approaching Mastery 1 – Still DevelopingI write effective, insightfulliterary arguments to supportall claims in….

Critically assess and discuss the adequacy and quality of your diet and nutrition habits

Report QuestionCritically assess and discuss the adequacy and quality of your diet and nutrition habits. Use information gathered in your food diary and photo journal to guide you. [Instructions for….