Self-reflection/Career Research

Assignment 1: Self-reflection/Career Research

to do research your future career. You need to write a one-page document. You need to include a combination of academic research and personal reflection. Your paper should convince me that you have made a wise career choice and that you are suited for the career. Research at least one credible research source (not an opinion piece) that provides evidence that yours is a wise career choice (It could discuss job opportunities, salaries, job satisfaction or another topic.). You can also include information from business articles, but you must include a source of original research that provides clear credible data. You must also include your own personal reflection on how this is relevant to you.

Assignment Criteria 1. Memo and letter formats. Present two copies of the same report – one in memo format and one in letter format. This is a good review of business document formats which you should have covered in CMNS 1140. 2. Single spaced and left justified – all business documents follow this pattern. 3. Include (a) At least one direct quote (b) At least one paraphrase (Citations may use MLA or APA style documentation.) 4. Because this is your first paper and I want to assess your knowledge of writing, you must also bold your thesis statement and underline the topic sentence in each paragraph. Consider the following sections: A. Introduction: State the topic of the paper, explain the importance of the topic and summarize your conclusion. B. Discussion: This is the body of the report. You will discuss the research and your own analysis here. C. Conclusion: Summarize your discussion and conclude.

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