What theory or model or conceptual framework was stated? Why was the theory, model, or framework appropriate for the research problem and/or hypothesis and/or purpose?

Quantitative Study Appraisal Reference:  
Critiquing Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks and Ethical Aspects in a Research StudyStudent Answers (enter date of posting and your name). Provide a rationale for your answer.   
1. What theory or model or conceptual framework was stated?  Why was the theory, model, or framework appropriate for the research problem and/or hypothesis and/or purpose? 
2. Did the researcher discuss the study findings in relation to the theory, model, or framework? Support your answer based on the study content. 
3. What IRB or similar approved the study? 
4. What was the harm or risk to the participants? 
5. If present, what type of coercion, undue influence, or deception was used to recruit or consent? 
6. Through what modality was informed consent obtained? Support your answer. 
7. What was the population and did it represent a research vulnerable population(s)? 
8. If population groups were omitted from the study, did the authors address a justifiable rationale for lack of inclusion of women. minors, older adults? 
Critiquing a Quantitative Study, Design and Validity 
1. What quantitative research design is used in this study? 
2. For an intervention or experimental study is the intervention described? Is there a control? Is the control described? What is the type of comparison specified such as pre-post in one group, or between groups? 
3. If the design is quasi-experimental, is there justification for not conducting as experimental research? Provide support from the study content. If not, then state your personal assessment of why not 
4. If the intervention study involves more than one group, does the researcher address the “likeness” of the groups?Is there adequate statistical power?   
5. If an intervention study, what are the measurement instruments?  Is reliability and validity stated for each instrument? 
6. If the design was non-experimental, is a retrospective or prospective design used? 
7. In the chosen research study, to what extent does the study design minimize threats to internal validity? 
8.In the chosen research study, what are possible threats to the construct validity of the study? (Think about conceptualization to measurement to results, setting, etc.) Provide support from the study content. 
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