Conduct a comprehensive job analysis

Attached is the job analysis form please complete form than write page summary from job analysis form. In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to interact with an employer by performing a Job Analysis. Pick an employer in your community that you are not familiar with. Ideally, the employer will have good jobs that provide good wages and benefits. Contact the employer and explain that you need to perform a job analysis and arrange to evaluate a job for that employer.

Step 1: Conduct a comprehensive job analysis:

Evaluate the job using the Comprehensive Job Analysis Form. Refer to the example listed in the Course Documents. You will have to speak with the person who performs that job in order to gather all the information that you need to perform the job analysis.

Step 2: Share the results of your research about the job with the employer/person who does the job and compare information. Write a one-page summary of your employer interview.

Step 3: Turn in your Job Analysis to your instructor. The items that need to be submitted are your Comprehensive Job Analysis write up and your summary. Summaries must be submitted in APA format

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