A Rose for Emily

As we finish Unit #1, you have all been exposed to the different components that make up literature, such as plot, theme, character, etc. For this assignment you must write a three-page essay that addresses the topic below.


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As a great writer of the south, Faulkner often sets his stories in the South, which are frequently traumatic and tragic. How can this story seen as a criticism of the American South? The link to the article on top will give you some insight on Faulkner’s relationship with the South, but please be sure to perform your own research as well.

1. MLA format.
2. 3 complete pages, not 2 ½ or less. Double-spaced. If essay does not meet page limit, I will not read your essay and just assign you an “F.”
3. You must have a work cited with at least two sources. If work cited page is missing, you will receive a zero for the assignment. If you don’t have two sources you will also earn a zero. You can look up credible sources that discuss the short story, such as articles that analyze the story or literary critiques of the story. No Wikipedia allowed.
5. Proofread your essay. If I find more than five careless mistakes (missing punctuation, lack of capitalization, and incorrectly spelling words such as “the”) I will stop reading and give you an automatic “F.”

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