Aldi vs Woolworths

The Assignment Question

Woolworths has been the largest supermarket chain in Australia for many years. However, its business and market dominance has been threatened by new comers, such as ALDI. To some, it is a classic story of David vs. Goliath. From a supply chain management perspective, compare the two firms and discuss (1) how and why ALDI could succeed in its invasion and (2) what Woolworths should improve in order to maintain its competitive position?

In order to compare the supply chain performance of  the two companies (i.e., ALDI vs. Woolworths), you will need to research on the history of development, the challenges and issues they faced in the development process, and the different approaches they took to address these issues. The focus should be on how they ran their businesses and served their customers using logistics and supply chain management techniques as well as information technology.

You are required to analyse the performance of the two firms along the following dimensions (each to be discussed in a separate section in the report) applying what you have learned from the first few book chapters:

  1. The three decision phases in a supply chain (i.e., how they run their supply chains);
  2. The push/pull view of supply chain process (i.e., how they structure their supply chain);
  3. Implied demand uncertainty, supply chain capabilities, strategic fit, and scope of strategic fit (i.e., how they ensure their successes); and
  4. The use of the various supply chain drivers (, facilities, inventory, transportation, information, sourcing, and pricing) to achieve supply chain objectives (i.e., efficiency and responsiveness).

Please note that you are expected to use the tools described in the book chapters, such as push/pull view, demand uncertainty spectrum, cost-responsiveness spectrum, and zone of strategic fit, etc. in your analysis to aid the discussion.

Report Format:

The following should be noted:

  1. In addition to the Covering Page(a page that properly provides the course number and title, assignment number, title of the case, student number, student name, and submission date), the report should include the following:

     (a) Executive Summary (Summarise the cases and the findings of the analysis with conclusions in one page.)

     (b) Table of Contents (List the sections and subsections with corresponding page numbers on a separate page.)

     (c) List of Figures (List the figure numbers and captions, if any, with corresponding page numbers on a separate page.)

     (d) List of Tables (List the table numbers and captions, if any, with corresponding page numbers on a separate page.)

     (e) Summary of the Cases (Use your own words to give a brief summary of the cases in one page.)

     (f)  Critical Success or Failure Factors Identified (Analyse the information provided in the articles to identify the factors leading to the respective success or failure of ALDI and Woolworths in one page.)

     (g) Answers to the Assignment Question (Answer the assignment question by analysing the two firms, i.e., ALDI and Woolworths, along the four dimensions. You should address the four areas one by one on separate page with the proper headings. DO NOT MERGE EVERYTHING into a big paragraph or essay. Marks will be deducted if answer to the assignment question is not organised properly so that the reader cannot see clearly an analysis along the four dimensions as required. Make full use of the information in the articles and from other sources, if needed, for your analysis. Assessment is based on how thorough the analysis is, using the information provided in the articles and gathered from other sources such as report, journal articles, and Web pages (e.g., company homepages of ALDI and Woolworths), and how convincing the arguments are. YOU MUST SUPPORT YOUR ARGUMENTS WITH EVIDENCE from the articles and other sources.)

     (h) References (Provide all the references used in the report in strict Harvard style.)

     (i) Appendices (Attach all supplementary materials used, if any, as appendices to the report.)

  • Use summary tables, charts, and figures where appropriate to aid your analysis and discussion. The figures and tables should be inserted in the sections and subsections of the report immediately after they are mentioned instead of in the List of Figures and List of Tables.
  • The report should be 3,000-3,500 words in length.
  • The assessment of the assignment will be based mainly on the comprehensiveness of the analysis and relevancy of the answer to the assignment question as presented in the report. The more effort students have invested in analysing the two cases and writing the report, the higher the marks will be.
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