What structural and functional aspects of the lungs are impacted by pneumonia?

The purpose of this 1,500 word essay is for you to showcase your understanding of normal anatomy & physiology, and to explain how your case study impacts homeostasis. You are encouraged to use subheadings to give your essay structure and flow. To help you with your assignment, we have provided some suggested subheadings, and some tips on what to include for each section. These are recommendations only, please adapt them to suit your case study and writing style. We recommend that your essay closely reflects the structure of the marking rubric, and that you carefully read each section for its requirements. In our descriptions below, we have included the relevant section of the marking rubric; read these carefully and incorporate them into each section.


Samreet contracts a zoonotic disease which causes pneumonia. Unfortunately, Samreet develops a mild fever and cough and in addition Samreet experiences acute pulmonary hypertension during the illness. The doctor advises to stay in bed until the illness passes. Systems in focus: Respiratory, immune, cardiovascular Specific questions to consider:

 1) What structural and functional aspects of the lungs are impacted by pneumonia?

2) How does the immune system identify and respond to the pathogens?

3) How and why does pneumonia affect pulmonary blood pressure?

-What kind of zoonotic disease? Novel exposure to a pathogen Suggested physiological concepts to include:

Normal anatomy and physiology:

• Respiratory function

o Normal function of the lungs

o Gas exchange

o Autonomic regulation of breathing

• Immune function

o Key cells of immune system

o Innate vs adaptive immunity

• Cardiovascular function and blood flow

o Autonomic regulation of blood pressure

 Disruption to homeostasis:

• What is pneumonia, what structural changes occur?

o How is gas exchange affected?

o Pulmonary hypertension

• How does this impact respiratory,

cardiovascular and immune function? Restoration of homeostasis:

 • How do these systems act to restore homeostasis?

o Immune response

o Changes to respiratory/CV function

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