Critically review four current professional research journal articles on a topic related to adolescence

Critically review four current professional research journal articles on a topic related to adolescence. Do not use a review article. Articles you select must have four sections: Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion. Please write in your own words as if you were sharing with a group of Parents what you have discovered in your research.

A. For each journal article answer all of the following five questions after citing each article in APA format

1. What question are the investigators trying to answer? (Hypothesis)

Please state this in the form of a question any parent can understand. You can usually state the question in the form: “The effects of ___(IV)_____ on ___(DV)_____.”

2. How are they doing this? (Method)

What are the demographics of the participants? How are they measuring each variable of concern? (Be Specific with how they are measuring each variable)

3. What did they find? (Results)

What does the data find? How does this answer the question?

4. What are the methodological limitations of their study? (List at least two)

Measurement Issues?
Generalization Issues?

5. Why are the findings important? (List at least two)

This can usually be found in the discussion section of the article but use your own words

B. Write a discussion section which integrates the results of all four studies by answering the following two questions:

1. How has our knowledge in this area been extended? (Please be specific)
2. What are some directions for future research? (Mention at least two)

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