Design effective managerial responses to complex problems given a range of ethical and situational scenarios, managerial tools, and practices

OBJECTIVES: The following are the objectives for this specific assignment. They are in line with the Unit objectives which can be found on the Path Document. Upon completion of this assignment, the student will have demonstrated mastery of the basic concepts by successfully:

  • Creation of a well formatted budget, given line items and software to create a budgetary document.
  • Formulation of function-based calculations that represent line-item spending, given budget software and appropriate training.
  • Translate, derive, and apply budgetary line-items from a narrative, provided complex scenario and a budgetary document.

The above objectives are in line with the following Unit objectives:

  • Design effective managerial responses to complex problems given a range of ethical and situational scenarios, managerial tools, and practices.
  • Develop ideal, functional, and malleable budget models for industry-specific businesses, given budgetary goals, profit margin goals, and defined expenses.
  • Decode complex and management-based narrative elements into meaningful decisions and actionable events, given said narrative and sub-categories within project and team management.
  • Combine and design collaborative and cooperative work practices in a digital environment, given tasks and digital collaborative tools.

The process of decoding the narrative is not different than most budgetary processes you will experience all throughout life. You will take the information given and place it into the provided document, based on your understanding. This document references line items out of order as well as incomplete information that needs more info form other line items.

TASKS: The following is a narrative of elements of a business. They are attributes that should be considered and entered into the provided budget template. Be careful as you go through this document; make the appropriate additions to the document based on the following. The document you turn in should exactly match the attributes below. Every portion of the document that is grey should be filled out by you (or your team) in some capacity, even if that number is zero. The numbers should be accurate; the denotation of days/weeks/allow should also be accurate.


The following is the narrative that you should decode to populate the budget sheet. Within the text are clues that indicate what each number should be. This is a challenging task. That said, here are some specifics that will help:

  • The conference begins on a Monday.
  • Many arrive the day before the conference begins.
  • The conference ends on a Friday; many people travel out the next morning.
  • A full week is 7 days; a full work week is 5 days.
  • Consider calculating hotel nights and parking passes as you go.
  • Consider marking off data in the narrative that you’ve used so you don’t get lost.


Alright, here we go! Here’s the information I have:

The director has asked to be present during some of the project. While I don’t anticipate that she will opt to be there the entire time, I think it’s wise that we anticipate two weeks. She’s indicated to us that she intends to drive in on Sundays, and back on Fridays. Checking with the record, we can expect to cover a $700/day rate for her, for each day that she’s present at the conference.

I think that the team will benefit from her being there, though I wish that she’d agreed to be there the entire time, like the managers. They’ll be sticking around, even over the weekends – except that last weekend of course – so keep that in mind. The Managers are flying in. Round trip flights were $340 a piece. No additional fees on flights. We tried to encourage the director to take this option, but the Director insisted on driving.

The CFO of the entire company intends to attend for two days. He’ll drive to the conference the day before and leave the day after he’s done. Though I think he intends to rent a car through the company. Want to say that it’s something like $80/day to have that with him. He’s making $100/day less than the Director. Difference is, he gets HALF of his day rate on travel days. I don’t have any idea why; bet he negotiated that early on.

By the way, fiscal reports that the federal tax rate and benefits have recently shifted to represent a combined are 27 percent. But let’s just go ahead and keep those line items separated for the time being. There are always ways that we can get that 12% tax rate reduced. I think – though – that our leaders (Director, CFO, Managers, and well, YOU) will fall in a different tax bracket. Twice as much tax, I believe. The benefits are the same.

Hey, that company we’re processing everyone’s check through: they’re charging 2.5% across the board.

The individual managers of each of the teams pull approximately $2000/week; doesn’t matter if they’re there for 5 days or 7 days. It’s a flat rate fee. Still have to deal with all the extras though. But it’s important to have them there representing each of the teams. I believe we booked their flights with the rest of them, so they should be good to go. They’ll of course also be in travel status to-and-from and receive per diem. They will be representing their departments the entire length of the conference. That’s five weeks! But remember, our conference ends on a Friday, and they’ll be headed out that next morning.

I imagine the Director and CFO won’t bother with per diem.

Everyone attending the conference will be provided a room. While I’d love to double-up people into shared rooms, it’s just easier to give people their own space. After long days at the conference, I can imagine some people just want to go back to their room and crash out. The rate is a solid $110 a night per room. We are planning on of course covering everyone’s room, including their arrival night, the day before the conference starts. We’re providing parking for everyone; this can just be added into the overall hotel cost. It’s $5/night. I’ve heard that each team and sub-team is essentially pairing up for ride shares though. Two per car. Just don’t forget that those folks are driving in the night before, so they’re all traveling. And they’ll all travel back. We won’t be paying them per diem though.

Speaking of, per diem shifted recently. 45/day.

So, let’s talk about the teams and the sub teams. It might be easier if I just break down the estimates here:


  • Cyber Security – 8 people (2 weeks) – 80/day/person
  • Networking – 4 people (2 weeks) – 80/day/person
  • Software Engineering – 6 people (1 week) 120/day/person
  • Digital Media – 4 people (3 Weeks) 80/day/person
  • Application Development – 10 people (All 5 Weeks) 100/day/person
  • Languages – 2 people (1 week) 100/day/person


  • Sub-team A – 2 people (1 week) 60/day/person
  • Sub-team B – 4 people (2 week) 60/day/person
  • Sub-team C – 4 people (1 week) 60/day/person
  • Sub-team D – 6 people (3 weeks) 60/day/person

If the Teams and Sub-teams salary came out to be more than 50,000, then we should probably allow for a one-time hold of 15,000 for overtime, just in case.

Just remember, these folks don’t get paid on the weekends even though they’re hanging out in the hotels doing work. And they’re all arriving the night before the conference begins, and leaving the Saturday after it finishes.

Now, let’s talk meals. We’re providing meals on the days that people work. No exceptions. People can fend for themselves when they’re not on the clock. We’ve got the first meal covered at $12/person, and the second meal at $15 a person. Breakfast can be covered by the hotel, so no worries there. They always try to lump in extra fees for things like ice or additional cutlery or something; we told them we didn’t want to add anything. Should be pretty across the board. Sales tax on food in the city is 7.5%.

Hey, we heard your car was in the shop so we went ahead and got your car taken care of for you through the same rental as the Director. We actually were able to negotiate a fee reduction due to the length of time we had this car. We were able to pull off $100 for every week you’ll be gone. We appreciate you being the Project Manager for all of this. We’ll of course agree to your $400/day rate. And we appreciate that you’ll be there the full five weeks. 34 straight days is a massive commitment. We’ll cover your work-week days, for sure.

We engaged a writer for this process, for three weeks. The IP purchase was a mere $4500. We had to ensure that clearance was done so we had to engage a lawyer – which I advocated for. The team wasn’t thrilled; the lawyer was at an astronomical hourly rate that totaled $3,000 to do the work, and the associated fee for all the paperwork was $2,000. Can you imagine – $2000 worth of paperwork. I was like buying a house! Lawyers, am I right? Anyway, the writer pulled in 500/week before the conference even started. There was this weird additional fee we had to pay weekly, to the tune of 120. And on top of that, he had a fee that charged us 200 every two weeks that he was working. It only applied to the full term of two weeks, so at least we were able to save a little there. Though in the grand scheme of things, it was like throwing a pebble at an oncoming train.

We opted to add a 5% contingency on top of literally every expense. The idea being that we had backup if something went wrong. So, don’t forget to include that. But again, what did it matter.

This whole thing was a wipe if you ask me. But what do I know. I’m just the narrator.

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