Happy Halloween? Not so Fast

Happy Halloween? Not so Fast
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Los Angeles County has “canceled”
Halloween this year. County officials have released guidelines for Halloween this
year that include restrictions on some of the holiday’s most basic traditions.
LA County Halloween restrictions:

  • No door-to-door trick or treating.
  • No “trunk or treating” either.
  • No Halloween parties with non-household members.
  • No carnivals, festivals, haunted houses, or live entertainment.
    It is not clear what penalties will be imposed on individuals who violate these
    rules, but officials have said fines will be issued and jail is an option, as well.
    Other counties, including San Bernardino County, are considering similar
    Halloween restrictions in an effort to limit the spread of the virus.
    You are the owner of a small business that operates in a very popular outdoor mall
    in San Bernardino. (Feel free to come up with a name for your business and a type
    of business – if it helps you.) Every year, the mall and its businesses have held a
    very popular and profitable Halloween Celebration and Trick or Treating event for
    the local community.
    As a business owner, you certainly need the customers and potential profit that the
    Halloween Party and Trick or Treating event would generate. Like most
    businesses, the pandemic has hurt your business – as you have had to lay-off
    workers, cut operating hours, and reduce inventory. The Halloween celebration in
    your mall would help all the businesses generate profit and reconnect with many
    members of the community.
    However, as a concerned member of the community, you also want to do
    everything possible to help limit the spread of this pandemic.
    Write an email to the San Bernardino County Covid-19 Task Force explaining
    why the county should not cancel Halloween festivities as LA County has done.
    Explain why the county should allow Halloween celebrations to continue this year.
    You are required to give several well-reasoned examples and ideas to support your
    position. Each of your ideas must be detailed and clearly communicate your
    position to the reader. Remember, you can write as much as you want – but your
    ideas must have depth and detail and clearly explain your position.
    I will expect your ideas to be based on sound business concepts and logical
    arguments as a member of this community. You should avoid political
    opinions, personal complaints, and other unconvincing commentary. “Hey,
    it’s a free country” – stuff like this is NOT going to help you!
    Your email must be professional LOOKING and well-written, with few grammar,
    punctuation, or usage errors. Your email must follow the email guidelines we have
    Be sure to add the class section number in the subject line
    -along with any other information you deem necessary.
    Your email must be sent to the following email address
    or it will not be graded:
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