Research Proposal (20 points)

Research Proposal (20 points)

Context: Thus far, our readings have all focused around research topics the authors were invested in, and for the rest of the semester, you’ll have that same opportunity. However, before writing for publication, a research proposal is typically submitted. This genre of writing serves two distinct purposes. 1) It forces writers to recognize whether or not their topic is complex enough to require further attention. 2) It gives readers an opportunity to interject or offer critical perspectives.

Assignment: Write a formal “research proposal” for the topic of your choosing.

Genre Requirements:

  1. Incorporate an introduction to your topic (1 point)
  2. Complete and present a brief summary of relevant research (10 points)
  3. Include a critique of the subject, its past research, or current use, etc. (3 points)
  4. Introduce your legitimate goal and intended line of questioning (3 points)
  5. Briefly outline how you will locate and apply fresh research (3 points)

Additional Project Requirements:

  • Employ precise MLA or APA page formatting and citation methods consistently 
  • A minimum of 3 sources
  • At least 1 scholarly source
  • May include popular sources

Writing Tips:

  • Start with general research to get you going.
  • Question the texts and your topic to begin drafting research questions.
  • Test your questions by completing further research.
  • Revise your questions as you find more research.
  • Be specific in your research and concise in your phrasing.
  • Many writers implement subheadings to separate the required tasks.
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