What is the difference between a normal and an inferior good?

In your view, does the Australian Constitution, the public law system it creates and the powers it
confers, establish an appropriate balance between protecting the community on the one hand, and
respecting individual rights on the other, in times of public health emergencies such as the Covid19 pandemic? Why or why not? In your answer, you must:
• compare and contrast Australia with two other public law systems (choose two from South Africa, United States or New Zealand)
• provide reasons supported by evidence for your argument

Please use the bibliography list provided. You can add additional sources where needed.
If possible, I am available to consult. It would imperative to discuss legal principles like the separation of powers amongst others. Also, please send a structure or essay plan if possible for me to follow.
Please be succinct in writing and clearly explain your position throughout, specifying the rights impinged and where there is a balance.

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