What Is The Research Approach (Quantitative Or Qualitative) And Design Type (Phenomenological, Quasi-Experimental, Case Study, Narrative, Etc.)?

A researcher is interested if a training seminar and gender improves how much MFT associates perceive themselves as prepared to work with transgender clients. The researcher will use a convenience sample of MFT associates who are students at her university. She also developed her own measure to gauge MFT associates’ perceived readiness to work with transgender clients. The researcher systematically assigns participants to a control group or the training seminar group. The researcher will give the students from both groups at the end of the training period the perceived readiness scale to gauge their level of preparedness to work with transgender clients and a demographic questionnaire to capture their gender.  

What is the research approach (quantitative or qualitative) and design type (phenomenological, quasi-experimental, case study, narrative, etc.)? 

What are the independent variables? 

What are the dependent variables? 

Who are the overall population of interest for this study and who is the sample actually comprised of? 

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