Laptop Quiz

Laptop Quiz

In addition to its inherent ability to perform serious work in different settings, a laptop serves as one of the most versatile, easy-to-carry tool for running demanding applications and associated tasks. Although standalone Smartphones, as well as tablets remain quite popular with people, laptops help students, scholars, and any other person to type research papers, theses or books, and crunch favorite videos at the comfort of their homes. Most importantly you should be well positioned to answer laptop quiz before visiting any computer shop. Despite a recommendation from a friend or seller, consider the following features:


Research has shown that Chromebooks suit the various needs of kids, given they are less concerned about performance. On the other hand, you should consider acquitting MacBooks or Windows Laptops of you are that functionality conscious user. Additionally, you should check for a laptop with long hours of battery life, at least 8+. This will allow you move with it anywhere.


The size of your laptop comes in handy when you want increased usability and high portability. For instance, large screens tend to serve individuals who do not engage in frequent journeys and trips, while smaller models are suitable for kids and frequent travelers.

Speed and Storage

Besides size, your laptop’s performance depends a great deal on its RAM, speed, and space for storage. For instance, Core i5 CPUs perform better than THEIR Core i2 counterparts. The same criterion applies to laptops with 8GB and 4GB RAM, respectively.  Equally important, your choice remains determined by what you have in the pocket.

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