Light Holic Yacht


Modern luxury yachts come in handy with a variety of goodies, but have you tested Light Holic? Built with Aluminium, as well as Steel hull, it serves as the true definition of a super-structured yacht. The power of Light Holic revolves around its two Caterpillar engines and generators of 177Kw each. With fuel capacity of 107,000 liters, the yacht consumes approximately 400 liters a hour. At the same time, it features one of the most powerful bow thrusters.

In addition to its anchor Naiad VT Zero stabilizer, you can be assured of a safe and efficient sail. Most importantly, Light Holic has a cruising speed of up to 14 Knots. Moreover, the maximum speed you can achieve with this super yacht is 15.5 Knots. Undoubtedly, she represents the perfect possible performance-luxury combination.

Build and Design

Light Holic remains characterized by a distinctly and uniquely designed personal but captivating contemporary style. The luxury yacht is not only elegantly lined with your dream cruise interior but also a satisfying exterior. Custom built by the infamous CRN Company as Darlings Danama, the present-day Light Holic boasts four magnificent and fantastic decks, including sundeck, lower deck, upper deck, and main deck. The decks in question remain connected with the state-of-the-art elevator.

Are you concerned about space? Light Holic’s perfect layout just answers this question, given it can accommodate up to twelve charter guests in its six, air-conditioned and en-suite staterooms. Your comfort is guaranteed with Light Holic; given the fact that its Full beam Master stateroom has a private balcony, king size bed, office, as well as large bath. The upper deck contains a VIP stateroom. The elegant staterooms feature modern audio-visual gear.


A hatch’s sale price depends a great deal on different determinants, including luxury yacht builders, the year, the fit and finish level, as well the current condition. Having being built in 2011 by CRN, Light Holic remains one of the pocket-friendly and comfort-driven yachts, going for 4, 1246,784 dollars only.

Driving Details

With Light Holic, you are guaranteed of the best driving, entertainment, and communication experience. The yacht possesses well-established and technology-based communications and navigation systems. For example, it has Alto Bridge, Kaleidoscope Video in its operating system, Simrad VHF system, B&G Wind Speed Direction, and SSAS Ships Security alarms, and Navigat Fiber Optic Compass. 


Undoubtedly, Light Holic is the best possible modern yacht for your ride. Featuring an elevator connecting each of the four decks and a performance-driven system, you are assured of luxurious yachting.  So what are you waiting for? Secure this stellar yacht and enjoy the fun.

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