Sustainable Agriculture

Select a research article written about some aspect of sustainable agriculture(Ex. sustainable integrated pest management) This article should be from a research journal or a research bulletin from a university or government agency. Your research brief should be submitted in the following format:

Title: Instead of a title, the complete reference citation (in APA format) should appear at top of the page.

Paragraph 1: Summarize what the research is about and describe the research methods used.

Paragraph 2: Describe the results/findings/recommendations of the research.

Paragraph 3: Explain how you think the recommendations would work in Northeast Texas or where you live.

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What actions do the Ivanovics take to create a unique culture at Iggy’s? What are the costs and benefits of this culture as the organization grows?

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AP Themes in World Literature

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Critically assess and discuss the adequacy and quality of your diet and nutrition habits

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