Data, Goal, and Intervention Activity

The purpose of this activity is to give your experience with looking at data, analyzing data, and using data to determine goals and interventions. School counselors should never develop a program or intervention before knowing WHY they are doing the intervention. Using data lets you know WHY. After reading the chapter (and/or watching the videos), do the following:

1. Step 1. Using the New York City Department of Education website <link is hidden> locate the state report card. Locate one of the schools you are observing. If you have not found a school, locate a school that you are knowledgeable about in the state. What school data are you using? Click or tap here to enter text.

2. Step 2: Review the report card data. Determine and identify the access, attainment, or achievement (also known as outcome) data. What other type of data may be needed to tell a more in-depth story about that data? For example, if it is access data, what other attainment or achievement data may be important? Click or tap here to enter text.

3. Apply the line of inquiry used earlier in the chapter to begin to determine what the equity issues may be around this data. Click or tap here to enter text.

4. Create a goal using the method discussed earlier because of the data <link is hidden> or tap here to enter text.

5. Based upon the goal(s) developed above, apply the programmatic levels of intervention to implement a multilevel solution in a school (this is in the chapter). Click or tap here to enter text.

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