Identify and summarize the theory or theories used in this article and name the social science discipline they come from

The applied final project is a paper introduced during the fifth week of class and due in your Assignments folder during week 7. Your major task is to read the research article that will be posted in the Course Content section of the classroom during week 5, and, based on this article, complete the following:

Identify and summarize the theory or theories used in this article and name the social science discipline they come from.
Identify the research methods used by the researchers in the article and describe how the authors collected their data.
Name the key independent and dependent variables of the research.
Discuss the analyses that were conducted to arrive at the article’s conclusions.
Discuss the results of the research conducted. Do the authors cite any limitations to their research? If so, what are they?
Let’s say that an independent research foundation has given you money to expand and improve on this study by using a mixed-methods approach—that is, by adding a research methodology from another social science. The foundation’s board of scientists believes strongly in the value of interdisciplinary research and wants you to add the approach and unique methods of an additional social science.
Discuss which social science you think would contribute to the study conducted in this article, and why.
Identify the discipline’s unique research methodology that would contribute to the gathering of additional information about this topic and describe how you would use it to gather the additional information.
Discuss how the collection of this additional data might help you analyze all the data better.
Describe how the use of multiple methods would contribute to the article and affect the results.
Speculate on how you might be able to rewrite the conclusion of the article based on your use of multiple research methods and data collection

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