Johari Window Presentation Outline

Instructions for Outline:
Please check attached to see the correct Outline format for this assignment. I encourage you to use the outline as your template (type into the document). You will submit/upload your complete rough draft of your outline (typed, according to the outline format) to Canvas by 10/6, 11:59pm.

Johari Window Presentation Outline (15 points for rough draft outline, 25 points for final outline)

Please use complete sentences throughout your outline and please follow this outline spacing and format.


Attention Getter:

I. Open Self:


II. Hidden Self:


III. Self-Reflection: What did you learn about your self-concept from this assignment?


Instructions for Speech
Create a structure to represent aspects of your self-concept and two of the panes of the Johari Window (Open, Hidden).
On the outside of the structure visually demonstrate your Open/Public Self-the part of you that is known to you and to others. Since the structure has several sides/components, you might use each side to show a different aspect of your Open Self.
The inside of the structure represents the other aspect of your self-concept -Hidden/Secret. Consider asking family and friends to help brainstorm descriptions about you for your structure.
Be prepared to share these parts of your self-concept and Johari Window with the class in 2-3 minutes (10% overall grade deduction if your speech is not between 1:30-3:30 minutes long). Please select and share only those things you feel comfortable explaining to the class. There will be no negative evaluation of your self-concept!

Just make anything up about me but believable and I can take care of the rest or make any necessary adjustments later. If you need any general information from me:

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