Johari Window Speech Rough Draft Outline

Part 1: Visit the Utah Department of Corrections (Links to an external site.) website  and conduct research on this prison system. Discuss the organization of Utah’s prison system, the type of inmates within the system, the types of offenses of those incarcerated, locations of prisons throughout the state and how the classification system is applied to each inmate who enters this system. In addition, provide a topic of discussion regarding what is happening “now” within the prison system. This might be located in the “latest news” section. 250+ words. Use APA in text citation and reference.

Part 2: After viewing the below video about the Utah State Prison discuss key issues that you see within this particular prison system and how we as a society could make changes to this system to positively affect the inmates. Locate the mission statement and vision of the Utah Department of Corrections and discuss if you believe we are meeting these objectives for our inmates.  If so, how and if not, why not? 200+ words. Use APA intext citation and reference.
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