OD Skills Simulation – GOAL SETTING

A. Purpose

To gain practice setting goals and to improve your abilities in helping others set and refine their goals.

B. Procedures

Step 1. In a Word document, create a list of three or four things you would like to accomplish. You may want to refer to Simulation 2.1 where you set goals. Your goals can relate to several areas: they can be personal involving your family, friends, social life, and community; and they can be work or school-related involving your career and on-the-job accomplishments. At this point, don’t worry about the wording or whether they meet all the criteria of a properly worded goal. Just get your ideas down on paper.

Step 2. Goals to be effective need to meet certain characteristics as the text pointed out. Continue refining the goals to meet these criteria including being difficult and challenging, achievable and realistic, measurable, specific, and time-framed with a date of accomplishment.

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