RWQ1: Organizational Change

RWQ1: Organizational Change

Briefly describe an organizational change initiative pertaining to how people work in organizations. It could be organizational culture, employee development, satisfaction, engagement, productivity, etc. (choose only one for now and explain why it is worthy). Discuss the: a) AS-IS; b) TO-BE and c) a list of points or elements of an action plan intended to make the change happen.

RWQ2: Metrics

After doing some research, decide upon no more than two metrics that would be to use as measure BOTH before (baseline) and after the change initiative. Why did you choose these metrics? How do they relate to the overarching change the organization wants?

RWQ3: GANNT Charts

Go to Google, search for ‘GANNT CHARTS’, and then click images. Scroll down the images and understand the list on the left-hand side (first column) and the purpose of the left to right time span across the columns.

For your paper’s change initiative, make a list of at least 7 component elements while thinking through their sequence and start/finish timing (in weeks). Paste a table of three columns: Element Name and Order, Start Week Number, Finish Week Number, and 7 or more rows of elements (steps). Keep in mind the steps will overlap in time. Do NOT spend time creating a GANNT Chart until your paper is in excellent order and proofed.

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