What does it mean to say that a public speaker should be “audience-centered”? At what stages in speech preparation should a speaker be concerned about being audience-centered?

1) What does it mean to say that a public speaker should be “audience-centered”? At what stages in speech preparation should a speaker be concerned about being audience-centered? (2)

2) Identify and explain the three criteria discussed in your textbook for assessing the soundness of research documents found on the Internet. (3)

3) List and explain the four objectives of a speech introduction. Then evaluate the following complete introduction to a classroom speech in light of those objectives. Be specific in your answer. (4)

Imagine yourself walking through a large department store. You admire the new fashions, fiddle with the cameras, gawk at the jewelry, and check out the stereo equipment. Now imagine you can have any of those items for free—all you have to do is steal them.

The temptation is great—so great that shoplifting has become one of the most frequent and expensive crimes in the United States. According to Time magazine, there are 150 million incidents of shoplifting in the <link is hidden> each year, and the total value of goods stolen by shoplifters amounts to about $10 billion annually.

And who pays for this? We all do. The value of stolen merchandise, the increased cost of store security, the time consumed in legal proceedings—all are passed on to us in higher prices and higher taxes. The Retail Merchants Association estimates that honest shoppers pay as much as 10 percent more to offset the cost of shoplifting.

Although shoplifting is sometimes called an invisible crime, I have learned to see it in my job as a salesperson at Sears. By doing library research and by talking with security personnel at Sears, I have come to realize how widespread and how complex a problem shoplifting is. Today I would like to discuss with you the kinds of shoplifters and the security procedures used to fight them.

4) For speeches with the following specific purpose statements, what organizational pattern of main points would be most appropriate? Explain your choice in each case. (2)

a) To inform my audience of the major stages in the development of professional baseball.

b) To inform my audience about the interior design of a medieval castle.

c) To persuade my audience that consumer fraud in America is a serious problem that requires action at both the state and federal levels.

5) What are the three major types of supporting materials used in public speeches? Evaluate the use of all three types in the following speech excerpt. Be sure to deal with all the supporting materials in the excerpt, and be specific in your evaluation. (4)

Wetlands include swamps, marshes, lakes, any area that is full of water. In addition to providing habitat for thousands of different animals, wetlands are a major barrier to the damage caused by the flooding of lakes and rivers. According to William Niering, “Because they hold water like sponges, wetlands prolong and moderate runoff after heavy precipitation or snow melt. Without wetlands, floods would ravage the American landscape.”

Wetlands also help protect the quality of America’s water supply. Mark Christianson, a lobbyist for environmental issues, stated in the Nebraska Law Review that “Filtration of pollution is one of the most valuable functions of wetlands. Wetlands can recycle amazing amounts of polluted water.”

Yet despite their many benefits, America’s wetlands are being destroyed by business interests and urban sprawl. Imagine a canteen full of water. This canteen could provide almost a week’s worth of refreshment in a hot desert. But what if there was a small hole in the canteen? Then the water might last just five days, or four, or maybe just two. This is what is happening to America’s wetlands. More than 11 million acres of American wetlands—an expanse twice the size of New Jersey—have been drained in the past three decades. Ten times that amount have been lost since the Pilgrims arrived. Environmentalists report that today we are losing wetlands at an average rate of 458,246 acres each year. The hole in the canteen is dripping.

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