How you identify ethnically or racially

* What pronoun you use – if you’re not sure what I mean here, check out <link is hidden> /> * How you identify ethnically or racially. Nepal
* Other aspects of your identity that you may want to share. Talking about Nepali
* Something that’s important to you and your family, culturally. Talking about Nepali culture . We care each other. We each other Respect elder and if you Younger than you then we nice and to them.
* Something that you feel confident about as a student. What are the gifts, talents, or knowledge that you can add to our community? Don’t on talking about the culture. Just student Believe in hard work
* Something that you don’t feel confident about. What support can we offer you? 
* Something that you think that we’d never guess about you. For example, a story about yourself or family, or an interesting hobby. Talking about a spot.
* Anything else?

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