CJJ4010 – Juvenile Justice Administration

Discussion items chapter 6
Please create a single Word file to be submitted through Turnitin. DO NOT INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS
only provide your answers to each numbered item.

  1. When it is all said and done, what is the best prevention “tool” available? Can the system take
    advantage of this, can the system use it?
  2. Why does age of first offense matter?
  3. How do you identify high risk kids? What variables would you use, and why? Which variables
    would you not use, even if they are strong predictors? Why not?
  4. How is head Start or similar program useful?
  5. Why do pretty much all prevention programs work? Is that useful? Should we have programs if
    they all work, and the measurement and evaluations can’t really evaluate them very well?
  6. Discuss pros and cons of teen courts.
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