Abnormal psychology

After reading this weeks chapter on depression and viewing the available material, prepare a presentation for the class that you will attach to the discussion board. This presentation should depict what you believe the essence of a deep clinical depression feels like.

For your presentation you may choose among the following formats: Picture (that you draw), PowerPoint (3 slides), Video (that you create max 1 minute), Poem (that you write), Voice (1 minute), or essay (200 words). Your presentation will be graded based on the accuracy of the information you put forth and your creativity.

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The neurochemical mechanism for the actions of cocaine and amphetamines

Describe the following :The neurochemical mechanism for the actions of cocaine and amphetamines and how has this been related to the cocaine withdrawal syndrome the acute physiological and psychological effects….

Explore how Shakespeare uses images of nature’s seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) to express the passing of time

Shakespeare’s sonnets that we have studied together, and explore a common pattern of images that these poems contain. Review/refer to the definition of “imagery.” For example, you might explore how….

The Canterbury Tales (The Wife of Bath’s Prologue)

All borrowings (indirect or direct), whether from primary or secondary sources, should be cited in-text. This includes both direct quotations and paraphrase. You need to remain emotionally neutral and moderately….